Want to take your next step and get baptised?

Baptism means to immerse and overwhelm – to be all in. Jesus wants us to be fully immersed, full of and empowered by Him. God has wonderful things planned for us and He asks that we continue stepping out. God does not want you stagnant – there is always more to be poured into you and poured out through you.

When Jesus died He took our sin, the punishment for our sin and also our sinful nature. When you are baptised you are Jesus died, went to the earth and rose again – in baptism we go into the water and rise out of the water – transformed.

At the same time we are baptised into new life with Jesus. Being baptised into Jesus means we are constantly dying to sin and constantly coming alive to God. Baptism gives you the power to change.




Baptism is the next step after salvation. There is no reason you need to delay. Come as you are.

Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved.
Mark 16:16

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