Our Vision is to build a local church in Queanbeyan that exists to connect people to Jesus Christ. We believe that a personal relationship with Jesus and authentic relationship with others will transform your life. We know Jesus to be vibrant, joyful and powerful. His presence should always give rise to a sense of excitement and a fullness of spirit. This understanding of God is reflected in the enthusiastic and upbeat nature of our church services. Jesus said that He came to earth that we might have a life of abundance.

Every time we come together to worship God we are celebrating what Jesus has done for us. Our message is one of faith. hope and love. We have a united vision to build the church by connecting people to God, connecting people to people and also empowering people for effective, joyful service.

C3 Church Queanbeyan was planted out of C3 Church Monash and we are part of a bigger movement of churches worldwide who are committed to healthy relationships and connection between ministers and churches. As an international family our members are able to walk into any of our C3 Churches around the world and know they're home. We are united with Christ in His vision, and therefore our mission, to save the lost, make disciples and build His church.

Our Pastors

    Lead Pastors

    Before launching C3 Queanbeyan, Pastors Michael and Sarah were part of the pastoral team at C3 Church Monash, where they served in many roles over the last 10+ years. They have a passion for the lost and for seeing people live to their full potential in Christ. Living in Queanbeyan for the last 10 years, with a young family, has seen them grow a desire to see the love of Christ bought to the region. Both grew up in church, they have a strong heart for the house of God and a vision to see the region of Queanbeyan and beyond won to Christ. They believe in equipping and empowering others to fulfil their God given purpose and to reach and influence those around them.

    Michael and Sarah have three young kids, Indie (7), Payton (5) and Becksley (2).
    They pray that as your step into C3 Queanbeyan that you’ll feel loved, accepted and part of the family from the moment you walk through the doors.


    Senior Ministers

    Pastors Steve and Deb believe in the strength of family, the value of community, and the life-changing plan of God through Jesus for every person. They have been married for 36 years, have 4 children and 7 adorable grandchildren.

    They are dedicated to cultivating a church environment where relational engagement encourages and supports a ‘disciples making disciples’ culture, their heart is to lead, train and equip people as they walk the journey of faith.

    Steve and Deb are a valued part of C3 Church Australia and as part of their national role, they oversee a number of churches across Australia. Their role is to strengthen oversight relationships and training to ensure that existing and potential oversight relationships are functioning well. 

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